Smart City Project

Advisory for Smart City Project –  part of the ambitious mission to reduce the household carbon footprint and efficiently reduce the wasteful use of energy and resources such as electricity, water, and heat. The Smart City Coin Test Net is a utility token aimed to be used within the European Smart City Community. Smart City team has developed a community-based solution and the infrastructure for resource-sharing. The idea is to use a collective approach toward problems that are practically unsolvable on the individual level. The city is Smart if it serves the people. Therefore, common denominators should be established. As behaviour is different to every individual, the issue of energy behaviour should be addressed at nuclear level – the last unit of energy transformation chain is a user. It is essential to respect the physical laws of energy – the first law of thermodynamics – energy can only be transformed. Instead of perceiving community members as consumers, they should be treated as users – transformer. An empowered user has a different attitude towards energy than consumer. Empowered user is more aware, respectful and understands his responsibility. The user is fully engaged in the process; while the consumer is often just obligated to pay for something he has a limited understanding of.  See Smart City Project.

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