Advisory and Core Team for Skycoin –  a third-generation cryptocurrency created to solve many of Bitcoin’s speed, security and privacy issues.  Skycoin Picked As Top 5 Crypto Projects to Watch in 2018. Founded in 2011 by the world’s top cryptographers, Synth,  Skycoin serves as the foundations for the next internet. The Skycoin Platform is the most advanced blockchain platform in the world. Developed by early contributors to both Bitcoin and Ethereum, Skycoin’s platform is completely secure, infinitely scalable, and ISP independent. Backed by bandwidth, storage, and computational power Skycoin is built to fulfill Satoshi’s original vision. Net neutrality and consumer data privacy emerged as two key issues in tech in 2017. If you’re concerned about paying ridiculous fees to ISPs for unreliable coverage, having your data sold, or government monitoring and censorship – Skycoin provides hope. These are the core issues Skycoin is attempting to solve. See Skycoin.

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