Project Esse

Advisory for Project Esse  – a scalable, data management and verification platform for assets and products. They also publish a set of tools such as SDKs, APIs and test chains (“E.Tools”) to facilitate and foster new applications that sit on-top of E.Platform.  All software is platform agnostic and can seamlessly interact with legacy off-chain applications such as ERP or any other blockchain protocol. Project Esse enables support system integrators and app developers to include E.Platform in their applications and clients’ solutions for which they require a high-performance, data management and verification platform layer. Building their applications on top of E.Platform speeds-up time to market, facilitates integration and benefits from a high-performance, blockchain-based platform. By creating a decentralised repository that is fully owned and operated by all its stakeholders, E.Platform is set to be the world’s Google for asset and product verification.

See Project Esse.

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