Equiti Games

End to End ICO  –  Equiti is doing something revolutionary—creating the first open, universal secondary market for the global digital gaming community. Equiti is a curated blockchain-based gaming platform that enables the purchase, distribution, and exchange of digital games. We empower consumers by allowing them to sell, rent, lend and gift these digital media assets, while providing game developers and publishers the freedom to determine how their digital media is used. Digital technology has transformed the global video games industry, but the move from physical to digital media has restricted the rights of users to resell, lend, rent, or give away the games they purchase. The current digital gaming market also places serious constraints on game developers and publishers, narrowing their distribution options and increasing their costs while reducing sales longevity and limiting overall game exposure. Using blockchain, Equiti enables secure transactions, ensures authentic ownership of digital goods, and gives consumers, developers and publishers more choice and control over their game assets. See Equiti Games.

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