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A Cryptoeconomics Agency Specializing in Utility and Security Token Sales

The team from Token.Agency, a full-service consulting firm working in blockchain, digital assets, cryptocurrency, and distributed ledger technology has been working in the industry since 2015.

Cryptoeconomics Architecture and Design

Cryptoeconomics is a formal discipline that studies protocols that govern the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services in a decentralized digital economy. Cryptoeconomics is a practical science that focuses on the design and characterization of these protocols.

Industry Network — Global Reach and Contacts

The network we possess is formidable — from Bitcoin whales to institutional lenders... marketing to making liquidity, we have a massive lattice of talent who specialise in various niches in the industry.

Token Sales - Security, Utility, NFTs, Stablecoins

Whether you are interested in a utility, security or hybrid token sale, we can help Having helped raise over $500m for various blockchain projects since 2015, we have the experience and the integrity that other similar services don't have on hand.

Collectively, we have worked on close to 100 blockchain projects between our cooperative. Our team have spoken at scores of industry events around the world. If you want great service from industry veterans with a global network, you have come to the right place.


Advising top projects creating meaningful impact

 From inception to launch, our focus is on advising top projects creating meaningful impact. We focus on projects that have social value or transformational capability. If you want to rock the boat in a business vertical or raise some funds in a token sale, let us give you some wind and sails!

Cryptoeconomics (Tokenomics)  is rewriting the way we organise and will continue to improve the lives of many. Emerging economic paradigms are revolutionizing the way we trade. New forms of value are being created. Welcome aboard!


Traditional and crypto-community marketing. Proprietors of Blockchain News, a popular portal for ICOs and Blockchain information – we know the space well and we know the players in the crypto media.

PR and Communications

From mainstream media to the crypto media – connect to our contacts and network partners to take your project to the masses.

Exchange Listings

We work with a number of suppliers who have direct contact with multiple exchanges who can facilitate and assist with listing services.


Cryptocurrency-based social campaigns – Our team are thought leaders and influencers in the crypto social media and we work with some of the best community builders in the business.


Crowdsource critical parts of the marketing and use advanced game theory to reward the community for specific tasks. We can supply an array of options here, such as social, code bugs, editorial bounty programmes.


We work with a number of the top animation and video production companies in the blockchain and mainstream marketing sphere.


We help with the analysis and execution of web strategy and SEO with our team, third-party services and your team.


Tap into our developer network to ensure the highest level of development architecture is brought to your project. We know some of the top smart contract companies – and Blockchain developers out there.


Translate the message across many of the world’s languages in order to reach a wider audience.


Connect to the countries that have regulatory frameworks in place to deal with token sales (STOs and ICOs). We have legal partners in Switzerland, USA, Singapore, South Korea, Gibraltar, Malta, Cayman Islands and more…


We work with some of the top matchmaking services such as Michael Terpin's Tokenmatch.com and partners in Dubai where our clients get front of line positioning for private meetings with institutional investors, family offices and high wealth individuals.


As top advisors, we not only bring credibility to your whitepaper and webpage with our stamp of approval, but we have incredibly strong networks in the crypto world, academia, media, and business communities.


Whitepapers are the backbone of every ICO and STO and the foundation of a crypto project. Ensure that yours is relatable and comprehensive. Our network of top technical writers and those with a deep understanding of the crypto ecosystem can fill the void.


Community building is not an art, it’s hard work… it’s being there to respond, and responding with clarity and pre-planned answers. We have been building communities since 2002 - with the launch of ExpatForums and with over 15 years experience, we have deep understanding of social media.


Are you interested in learning more about Tokenomics and the emerging ecosystem around Blockchain? We offer high level consulting and 1/2 day and full day brainstorming and education programmes for startups and enterprise companies alike.


We have a number of contacts in the Youtube space, as well as podcasters and influencers in the industry. We also own Blockchain News and have 22,000 followers on Twitter, 25,000 Facebook, 12,000 on our weekly newsletter, and our director, Richard Kastelein has 23,000 Linkedin connections in the Blockchain Industry.


Want to do a tour of Europe? The US? Asia? South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and perhaps China? We have an excellent network in the far east and can tie in with local operators who can help manage the tour to maximize reach for investors. We can also organize roadshows in Europe with Coinscrum in London and Bitcoin Wednesday in Amsterdam meetings for instance.


We founded the first ICO event in Europe in early 2017 called Cryptofinancing and subsequently have designed a new brand called Tokenomicon, which focus on the new science of tokenomics. Our team includes one of the world’s top event designers in Martijn Timmermans who is an award-winning event organizer who speaks at many event conferences as a thought leader in the events industry.


Code audits are essential for upcoming token launches. Access top developers who can provide a detailed analysis of your code via our network of Blockchain smart contract specialists.


Via our vast networks and industry influence, we often get discounts to top Blockchain events and private investor meetings for our clients.

Mailing Address

Achterberghof 8, 9752HE, Haren, Groningen, The Netherlands


+31 (0) 639583979



Meet the Team

We are staffed by industry leaders and professionals with experience launching flagships such as Bancor, Decentralized Pictures, Skycoin, Decent, Cashaa, Humaniq and many more.

Richard Kastelein, Blockchain News

Richard Kastelein

Managing Director Token.Agency – Publisher Blockchain News (EST 2015)

Richard Kastelein is the founder of Token.Agency and industry publication Blockchain News (EST 2015).  Kastelein is an award-winning publisher & entrepreneur. He sits on the advisory boards of two dozen Blockchain startups (ICOs) & has written over 1500 articles on Blockchain technology at Blockchain News & has also written for Harvard Business Review, Wired, Venturebeat, The Guardian – and has been translated into Dutch, Greek, Polish, German & French.

Kastelein holds and honourary Ph.D. and is Chair Professor at Jiangxi Ahead Institute of Software & Technology (Blockchain Faculty) in China.

Kastelein has spoken (keynotes & panels) on Blockchain in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Barcelona, Beijing, Brussels, Bucharest, Dubai, Eindhoven, Gdansk, Groningen, the Hague, Helsinki, Linz, London, Manchester, Minsk, Nairobi, Nanchang, Penang, Phuket, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Shanghai, Singapore, Tel Aviv, Venice, Visakhapatnam & Zurich.

Haren, Groningen, Netherlands

Wieke Beenen - Editor Blockchain News

Wieke Beenen

Editor Blockchain News (EST 2015)

Wieke Beenen attended the Journalism program at the School for Journalism in Utrecht and the History and Journalism program at the RUG in Groningen. With native English skills, she works as a writer in the English media.

In 1994, she sailed from Crete, Greece to St. Maarten in the Netherlands Antilles and subsequently spent a number of years in the Caribbean boating industry as a first mate on several charter boats as well as working in the island media writing about culture, flora and fauna.

After moving back to the Netherlands in 2002 Beenen started her own translation business, which she later on combined with working in the events industry and raising a family.

After a short detour teaching English to teenagers and adults in 2015-17, she is now back to writing and editing for Blockchain News.

Haren, Groningen, Netherlands

Alex van der Wal

Alex van der Wal

Startups and Marketing Director

Alex van der Wal is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Global Funeral Care.

Haren, Groningen, Netherlands


Martijn Timmermans


Martijn’s career started in experience marketing at Disney, Marriott, and Singapore Airlines. As a producer he toured throughout Europe for Top 100 brand experience agency KenwoodX.

In 2012 he started The Red Line Project. A deep analysis of the benefits of collective intelligence through co-creation when designing events process resulted in the Event StoryBoard Canvas, www.storyboard.events  – a strategic event design tool that has trained over 1200 people internationally to date.

For his views and experience on event design, audience engagement and experiential storytelling practices he has spoken frequently at events such as IBTM World, Fresh Conference, BEA World festival, Eventex, Conventa (Crossover), The Meeting Show, Invoyage and ICCA.

Amsterdam, Noord Holland, Netherlands


Tobias Ebbinge


Prior to joining the team at token.agency, Tobias Ebbinge was a heavyweight marketing and PR Director who worked independently for many global brands including the likes of Unilever, Daimler Chrysler, Car2GO, Nintendo, Imperial Tobacco, Segafredo, Otazu, Nissan, Bols, Vodafone, Samsung, MV Agusta, RAI Amsterdam, Miljonairfair, Mulberry, Levi’s, Bacardi Martini, Amsterdam International Fashion and Replay.

He has recently wrapped up an entrepreneurial adventure in a tech and software startup where he is still a shareholder.  Ebbinge has a Bachelor Communication Science, University of Amsterdam and a Masters in Communication Science with a minor in Economics, University of Amsterdam.

A confident multilingual communicator (He speaks English, Dutch, German and French) accustomed to working successfully in an adverse & challenging environment, he is proactive, flexible and adaptable with a very keen eye for detail and a proven ability to ‘get things done’.

Amsterdam, Noord Holland, Netherlands


Robert K. Elder


Robert K. Elder is the President and Publisher of Blockchain News, and the founder of Odd Hours Media, LLC.

He’s an experienced tech and media executive who loves working on blockchain projects and designing innovation strategies.

He’s spoken at numerous industry events, notably Blockchain Expo Europe and the Voice of Blockchain conference and is slated to speak at more in 2018 and 2019.

A passionate supporter of entrepreneurship, Elder has served as a mentor for Techstars, 1871 Chicago and Northwestern University’s The Garage.

He also is the award-winning author of eight books.

You can find him on Twitter at @robertkelder and at www.robertkelder.com.

Chicago, Illinois, USA


Dr. John H. Clippinger


Dr. John Henry Clippinger has held senior positions in government, large enterprises and founded four software companies.

He has engaged with non profit organizations and institutes – Santa Fe Institute, Aspen Institute, World Economic Forum, Kauffman Foundation and I have started new programs and institutes at Harvard and Harvard Law School, Brandeis Florence Heller School, MIT Media Lab, and , co-founded ID3 with Sandy Pentland of MIT Media Lab.

Recently he founded Token Commons Foundation in Zug, Switzerland to develop protocols for decentralized governance and self-sovereign identity.

He is also an advisor to Bancor,  Atonomy, Cashaa, Decentralized Pictures, DCP, and Evident Proof, and is a research scientist at MIT Media Lab.

With David Bollier, Clippinger edited one of the first books that attempted to explain the potential of the blockchain and self-organizing, distributed systems of governance: “From BitCoin to Burning Man”.

Boston, Massachusetts, USA


Theron Andrews


Theron Andrews is an accomplished professional marketer with over 30 years of experience in the marketing arena, running large in-house organizations and managing advertising agencies, along with senior executive leadership on the advertising agency side of the business.

His background includes senior executive level positions with Fortune 500 companies, international marketing, and ecommerce operational and marketing expertise.  Theron has extensive experience in private-label brand development and corporate brand building. He has a passion for creating great customer experiences while building brands that achieve the status of “beloved” in the marketplace.

Prior to joining the team at token.agency, Theron built and directed the activities of a full service blockchain services marketing agency which served the needs of 40 diverse clients in industry verticals ranging from healthcare to artificial intelligence to entertainment and covered everything rom brand and identity development to ICO launch marketing services.

Dallas, Texas, USA

Token.Agency Offices

We have offices in Gibraltar, Haren, Amsterdam, Dallas, Chicago.


Contact us and say hello.

We prefer to work on projects that have social value or transformational capability. And we have worked on some of the top projects in the history of the ICO scene.

But we are open to have a conversation with anyone with a fresh new idea that has not been exploited a dozen times at ICOBench. So if you dreaming of yet-another – get-rich, crypto-fund ICO – then you probably ought to look for help elsewhere.

Our powerful networks are spread across the globe from the far east – China, Japan and Korea to Europe… Antipodea and North America.

Reach out and let’s see if we can work together!

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